Custom Made Kitchens Bendigo

At Kangaroo Flat Kitchens, Bendigo we custom build kitchens to meet your design specifications, tastes and budget. Whether its a brand new custom built kitchen or renovating and existing one we can help you with a kitchen that is functional and stylish that suits the needs of you and your family.

With over 20 years in the cabinetmaking industry look no further than Kangaroo Flat Kitchens for custom built joinery and cabinetry made with top quality building products at competitive rates.
The kitchen is often the communal gathering space of the home. Your kitchen should be practical and cheerful incorporating smart design to make the space as user-freindly as possible. When designing a custom built kitchen or kitchen renovation there are several points worth considering:

More than half of your time in the kitchen is spent around the sink area, so positioning of the sink is very important.

  • Consider a custom built cupboard in the kitchen with power outlets to recharge mobile phones, game consoles and cameras out of view.
  • If clever design can’t solve space problems consider expanding the kitchen via a buffet-style breakfast bar or island bench.
  • When planning your custom built kitchen consider the natural pattern of movement. Allow a comfortable distance between each of the kitchen’s functions: storage, cooking, workspace, waste handling and washing up.
  • Ensure kitchen appliances, sinks, benchtops and cabinetry are all spaced allowing for the ‘sweep’ of doors, opening of drawers and normal movement.
  • Provide ample kitchen work surfaces in key areas: next to the refrigerator and oven, on both sides of the cooktop and sink.
  • Adequate storage is one of the most important aspects of a custombuilt kitchen. We can custom make cupboards to suit your specific needs: deep cupboards for large appliances, sliding drawers for easier access, overhead storage for lighter or less used items.

Kangaroo Flat Kitchens are happy to help you with advise and expertise when considering the layout of your custom made kitchen. Contact us via email or phone us on 03 5447 0501 or 0418 510 708.

Our experienced cabinet makers and joiners can also custom build laundries, custom storage, bathrooms and ensuites, shop fittings and reptile enclosures.