Bendigo custom-made kitchens with storage options

Thinking of a kitchen overhaul? Then make sure you think about storage in your new-look kitchen! At Kangaroo Flat Kitchens our advice to clients seeking custom-made kitchens in Bendigo and district homes is to think long and hard about storage options.

Space is a premium in today’s homes and although everybody’s craving open-plan living and room to move, the number of kitchen gadgets taking up space has never been greater. From coffee makers and juicers to mixers and designer cookware, kitchen benches and tables are disappearing under the clutter of 21st century appliances.

Kangaroo Flat Kitchens specialises in designing custom kitchens that are stylish and well-built, make the most of available room and don’t cost the earth. When working with clients we encourage them to take their time and think about all their pots and pans, containers and appliances and where they want them to live in the kitchen. No kidding, we’d go as far as recommending making a list and then matching up kitchen items with their potential new home in the client’s new custom-made kitchen. It sounds far-fetched but, trust us, it’s a good idea if you want to ensure all your kitchen devices are out sight and out of mind.

And while storage is one consideration, shelving is another. If you like the idea of making displays of your quality kitchen machines and equipment, then think about incorporating stylish shelves into the design and talk to us about making it happen.

Kangaroo Flat Kitchens has decades of experience in creating custom kitchens for Bendigo and district clients. And while we have an age of experience, our ideas and techniques are modern and up-to-date with today’s trends and our workmanship is first class.

Want to overhaul your kitchen, then please contact Kangaroo Flat Kitchens to discuss how we can help with a custom-made kitchen that accommodates all your requirements but doesn’t break the budget.